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Add:6th floor, 805 Zhengde Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Factory:293-74 Fenglin 2nd Road, Daliao District, Kaohsiung City

Corporate culture

The company's tenet of "quality wins the market, integrity casts quality" is the development trend of the enterprise, and we will work hand in hand to create good results.
Implementation - dare to take responsibility and achieve the expected results with high quality within the specified time
Learning - always keep learning attitude, constantly improve and improve yourself
Team - the unity of ideas, the formation of joint forces, the use of talent, the pursuit of team success
Management - strengthen the overall situation view, win-win thinking, pay attention to communication and research, and form methodology
Planning - reasonable planning, rigorous and orderly, priority to important things, and do important things in prime time
Quality - design carefully, pay attention to details, do things right at one time
Ethics - integrity, scrupulously observe, supervise and crack down on behaviors that damage the interests of the company
Dream - persevere, truly strive for the realization of the dream of the Internet business, not trapped by selfishness
Objective - to continuously help customers improve productivity and social quality
Principle - down to earth, seek truth from facts, innovate bit by bit, speak with data