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Verification and Application

1. Safety and reliability:
Waterproof and dustproof capability
High pressure resistance
Fire resistance
Antioxidation and salt spray tolerance
Toughness and strength
Resistance to thermal cycling
2. In terms of energy saving benefits:
High temperature conduction and short circuit resistance
Loss reduction and electricity saving
3. Environmental benefits:
High efficiency automatic vulcanization production line
The pre-treatment of vulcanization is carried out by physical work
The vulcanized layer can be recycled
With the same current load, the conductor size can be reduced and the demand for copper mining can be reduced



Medium and low voltage (below 35KV) complete equipment

Water loop copper tube winding in power frequency furnace

Aircraft carrier electromagnetic ejection high current generator composite bus


New energy vehicle battery connecting copper conductor line


Insulation diagram of photovoltaic backplane



Insulation diagram of photovoltaic backplane